Our mother company EDF GROUP, Ltd. in London and also all the other members of the EDF GROUP strictly follow and respect within our activities all the terms, conditions and principles of the international regulatory legal acts, dealing with the AML and KYC measures. We evaluate the AML and KYC regulations and their application in our commercial activities on a regular basis as a part of reporting for our regulator.

Stefan Veselovsky is certified by the certification authority in the UK for the activity of accepting and issuing of cash and cashless payments. When doing business with our partners, we are putting a very strong emphasis on these prescribed regulations and they are required from our side before starting every new business, whether it is a business contact, consulting in a financial area, or in whatever business

on financial or technological base. Our technologies are built on blockchain platforms and because of that any process (procedure) is always discoverable. Our company is registered with the UK Information Commissioner's Office under the registration number ZA548200. Both our client and business partner data is always kept secure and processed with utmost discretion.