About Us

Directors of the EDF GROUP, Ltd. are university graduated and qualified in economics, banking and international finance and accounting, international trade and export finance. Mrs. Dana Denk, Director of the EDF GOUP, Ltd. graduated from the University of Economics in Prague. Mrs. Dana Denk is an accounting and finance specialist with foreign language skills and with good professional reputation.

Mr. Stefan Veselovsky, Director of the EDF GROUP, Ltd. graduated at the University of Economics in Bratislava. Mr. Stefan Veselovsky is the former Vice-Governor and

Member of the Bank Board of the Central Bank of Czechoslovakia, former Chief Executive Director of the Banking Supervision Department of the Central Bank of Czechoslovakia.

He used to be the Advisor to three Prime Ministers and the Governments of the Slovak Republic for banking sector and international finance, he was the CEO and chairman of the board of several commercial banks in the Czech and the Slovak Republics, the CEO and the board member of a travel insurance company. The EDF GROUP, Ltd. London has set up its branch

office in Prague, the EDF Fond SICAV, joint stock company, which is an investment company with variable capital/SICAV investment company.

EDF Group Ltd. has been granted the license from the Czech National Bank for EDF Fond SICAV, a.s. on June 25th, 2020 (link). EDF Fond SICAV, a.s. was registered in the Czech Register of Companies on July 17th, 2020 (link). The Administrator of the fund is the investment company CODYA investiční společnost, a.s. The Depositor is UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s.