The main investment strategy of EDF GROUP, Ltd is to acquire and administer new potential qualified investors and their financial sources. These investors will be ready to invest into the various investment projects selected by the fund and to utilize our complex services and financial and technical support.

Based on the license from the regulator
(the Czech National Bank), the fund will open sub-funds for the individual investors.
Based on the control and analysis of individual projects, or our direct participation in these project oriented sub-funds, we are able to clearly specify to potential investors all pluses and minuses of their investment and to guarantee their profit to a great extent. One of the most important economic targets

is the ability to reach adequate yields and to generate profits from the investments allocated into the running projects. There are also other aspects of our economic activities, mainly concentrated into our very dedicated and sensitive attitude to the environment and all existing technical and technological ways of its protection. We are very keen to search for, prepare and finance such projects together with our investment and financial partners, mainly banks.

In order to reach our strategic, economic and financial goals, we closely co-operate with qualified specialists and experts with a good reputation, perfect skills and expertise. Some of them are members of our internal staff and internal teams of experts we have created, and the majority of them are from external surroundings.

In some particular cases we take the chance to consult some specific details related to individual projects also with the representatives of the international big auditor companies seated both in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Beyond that, we provide the entire service to organizations and individuals, who are trying to obtain various bank and financial licenses, or licenses connected to financial planning, we provide technological support and development resulting from the experiences of our shareholders and co-workers.

We are frequent consultants of big corporations, banks, but also of individual governments of EU countries, where we participate in financial planning preparations. We are also a part of Finance-Technologica Hub of Slovak National Bank.